Bullied By Him [Adrienette Au] (Slow Updates)

Bullied By Him [Adrienette Au] (Slow Updates)

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We all know bullies bully us because they hate us or want to embarrass us. 

Well...There's actually something else we're not seeing.

Maybe it's because they are insecure? 

Or a lot is happening in their lives?


They want to get your attention cause...

They love you?

||Adrienette Fanfiction||
No powers, no nothing. It's a AU.

Warning: Read at your own risk! This book may contain mild language that is bad for you! NOW SAVE YOUR BOOTIFUL INNOCENT MINDS!

Coopsie Coopsie Sep 15
Are they magnets now they attract each other (sorry for being a smart ass)
Adrien will fall for marinette isn't it obvious Adrien will try so hard to push her away but she will keep coming close and one by one Adrien's walls will start to fall
The little mermaid!!!! It was my favorite movie when I was small!!!
Adrien will like Mari
                              Mari doesn't know how she feels about him
                              I'm calling it.
Grace5122 Grace5122 2 days ago
The little smchermaid. (I don't know how to spell it like Paint does..)
                              But thx to the past comments I got something to say.... 
                              In what part of the mermaid did it say that??😕😕