Overwatch X reader {Lemons}

Overwatch X reader {Lemons}

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McCree By JesseMcCree Updated Nov 10

This overwatch oneshot book will be for all the male characters in the game. Yes I'll be reusing each one, but they will have a different scenario in each oneshot. 
Request me for any certain character you want or any type of scenario you want.

(FOR BOTH GENDERS: I don't use specific genders lol) 

<<DISCLAIMER: I don't own any characters of overwatch>>

I won't request, but I will say....
Hi! I was hoping for a McCree one please. Any plot is good but I was hoping he would be jealous or something... Thank you
Could you write a reaper x male reader 
                              Where there is alot of pinning for each other
Wingblade2 Wingblade2 Nov 10
I don't care what scenario as long as it has Reinhardt and male reader.
Hello! *sorry for popping up with comments everywhere* but may I request a McCree x reader where the reader dry humps McCree as she wears his hat? Thank you
Mccree x reader.
                              The story is that Mccree is at his house and the reader is poor and sneaks inside of his house to get food and Mccree decides to make the reader but the reader has to work for Mccree and weeks pass and Mcree decides to reward the reader for doing a good job.