• Broken Pieces • || Seventeen Hoshi

• Broken Pieces • || Seventeen Hoshi

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Scarlet Lee By MinScarlet Updated Apr 14, 2017

"Who are you?"- Hoshi.

Yoon Nari might not be the typical girl you always found because she never thought something like this will happen to her.

"You're strong, Nari. You'll go through this." - JinHee.

"Is she really my wife?" - Hoshi.

"What do you mean Hyung? Pftt you were the one who chase her crazily." - Mingyu.

She never give up. She did everything to make him attract to her back. To make him remember his love for her. 

"You make me feel more comfortable than Nari." - Hoshi.

"Really?" - JinHee. While smiling crazily.

"You did remember about us?" - Nari.

"Can you like stop talking? It's annoying." - Hoshi.

Everyone faces challenges in life. It's a matter of how you learn to overcome them and use them to your advantage. 

And Nari believes in that. 

"I'm sorry I fail to save our relationship. I hope you understand. I gotta go my own way now. I'm not strong enough." -Nari

"Nari. Yoon Nari, my other half. I remember, I remember, now." -Hoshi



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BangtanKimVTae BangtanKimVTae Apr 17, 2017
Just like in their mini drama. But he is a school nurse there
daein94 daein94 Sep 03, 2017
this the first time i read your works , and it looks promising already . looking forward to the rest of it . thank you for your hard effort . keep it up i will be rooting for you .
pariswns pariswns Aug 16, 2017
BangtanKimVTae BangtanKimVTae Apr 17, 2017
I am reading an other book rather than this. I wasn't supposed to read this but I was so interested so yeah..
Special1029 Special1029 Sep 09, 2017
So I just started reading this and like everyone states "Oh Ma God it's Jin Eomma!" Author @MinScarlet is like "it's not him, but oh well." Is like really hilarious, and kind, how she commented on every comment that said that..nice author very nice
                              It's just the prologue but, I even cried!! 
                              Whoosh I'm getting emotional. Sheez
                              It means you did great author-nim😊