The Game

The Game

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Pain? Loss? Insanity? Please. No one could even begin to think about that. True pain is when your entire body goes numb in surrender, when your brain gives in and you find yourself choking on regret, when you are so helpless your mind can't even comprehend what's happening to you. True loss is when you're holding someone you love in your arms, your clothes stained in their blood just waiting for them to open up their eyes and tell you they're okay, desperate for them to give you a smile, twitch their fingers, anything! And true insanity is when you lose every emotion you once had, every memory you made and every person you cared for within the length of one heartbeat.

Kathryn Blue is kidnapped after working a late shift at her job one night. After waking up in some stranger's basement with some new allies and finding out things about the world that she can't quite accept she must escape the pain and torture of her tormentors 'games' and figure out a way to see the light of day again before it's too late.

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official-gakushuu official-gakushuu May 12, 2017
All I can think of is Sam Pepper's "murdered best friend prank" on Sam from Sam and Colby... @DecayingDoll
EatABiscuit EatABiscuit Jan 30
Oh my God. I swear when I wrote this is wasn't supposed to sound so rapey.
that-awkward-nerd that-awkward-nerd Nov 07, 2016
But you just cussed? 
javiziana javiziana Jan 13, 2017
EatABiscuit EatABiscuit Oct 17
Actually, both toward and towards are valid, it's just about consistency. :)
It's 'towards her' and can I reccomend not putting a number on the mice like juat saying, "As if the room was filled with rotting mice." It sounds really good so far, though!