When A Murderer Comes Knocking (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

When A Murderer Comes Knocking (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

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Clairey and Mel By AllTimeLowGirlly Completed

"Care to let me in, babe?" I stared up at the tall curly haired stranger. His sparkling green eyes scanned me up and down, and I felt nervous under his penetrating gaze. Police sirens wailed in the distance, and he glanced over his shoulder quickly, worry in his dangerous dark eyes.

"N-no" I stuttered out, before quickly pushing the door closed. His large foot caught the door, and his huge fingers curled around the door and pried it open again. In seconds he had me pinned to the wall, slamming the door closed with his foot, before clamping his hand over my mouth. He smirked down at me before leaning down by my ear, kissing my neck, causing a whimper to escape my mouth. The words he whispered left a chill down my spine..

"Next time don't open the door to a murderer, baby"

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Harry3durand Harry3durand Sep 07, 2016
ARG!!!! I don't speak english and i really want read your book!!!!😟😟😟 do you know a person of traduct your story?please?!?!!?!?
Bigshot11 Bigshot11 Jul 26, 2016
I already know that but I feel sorry for her I really do😢😢😢
jesiccabella jesiccabella Mar 01, 2016
but if theres a hot beautiful man like you how can she resist to not open the door, i would open the door for you too if thats me😂
Nayykayy Nayykayy Oct 29, 2016
This is why i never open the door to anyone when im home alone and there is a knock on the door i grab a bat and hide in my room😂
Harry3durand Harry3durand Sep 07, 2016
Your video on youtube is very perfect!!!! With demi lovato!😱😱😱😋
So next time are ya gonna wear "murderer" written on your head? Cause how tf she gonna know dumb hoe