Exopink Start with a war

Exopink Start with a war

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Bomi_Panda By VileanLak Updated Sep 01, 2018

what will happen when two popular groups meet? Will there a war? A romantic moments? Or a horrible moment?

Stop staring at me, I know I'm fabulous 

I love you...pizza. And I know you love me too.

Yah! Chicken comeback NOW!!!

If you say another single word, I will sneak into your dorm and I will kill you right away.

How dare you called me cute....WAIT DID YOU JUST CALLED ME CUTE!!! Are you really my enemy???

I just wanna say everytime I see you I'm almost vomit every 3 seconds and is this your hair or a mop.

Yah! Ugly old lady stop pulling my precious ear with your disgusting hand.

Yah! Stupid stop called me bacon.

What do you want shortly pig?


This girl is a devil. She try to kill me during I'm fell asleep.

I love bubble tea but.....

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