Captive (ON HOLD)

Captive (ON HOLD)

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With her petite steps she moved closer and stood in front of me. I brought my hands out and started to brush her cheeks slightly; my hands soon caressed her cheekbones and went down to her jaws; she was perfect.  Her beautiful brown eyes soon found my emerald ones; her eyes bore into mine. I could see the love in her eyes which was held strongly. A part of me had always felt guilty for making her feel this way knowing that I couldn't give anything in return. 

As I stared deeper into her eyes all our memories came flashing in front of me: our laughters, our kisses, our jokes, our happy times; everything came together all in one which gave me a strange feeling; a feeling that I loved. 

I broke out of my flashback and looked at the girl stood in front of me; her brunette hair fell in locks down to her waist, her pink lips looked so fragile as though one kiss would break her, her petite frame was good enough to drive any guy crazy *I am the only one who she's allowed to drive crazy*; lastly her sparkling brown eyes would make anyone want to fall on their knees and obey her every command. 

This girl was perfect; perfect for me. And that's when I realised that no matter how hard I tried to deny it, how hard I hid it and tried to escape from it, I knew that I was truly and madly in love with this girl stood in front of me. And just as I spoke out the words "I Lo......" *THUD* That's when I felt like my whole world had just come crashing down... 

- The name's Al Capone, Ronald Al Capone. Ever heard of the Mafias? Well guess who I am? Their Boss. Frightened yet? Well there's more to come as I narrate to you my story

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