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Anne Jones By Eveshine5 Updated 3 days ago

#66 IN ROMANCE  (06/10/2016)
Lilly Carter is a shy young women, struggling to meet her day to day needs. A low background girl who is gone unnoticed. She is an orphan. Working on as a mail girl in a massive company. She has got an accountant degree but it is useless none the less. Short, nerdy, petite girl wearing thick large glasses. She is almost a non-existent robot in her office.

Damien Stark, one of the most powerful and richest man in the world. A multi-billionaire who deals with both mafia and political world. He has his hands on all type of business, some are know to media and some are mystery. His personality oozes power and dominance.

What happens when these two meet?.............................................................................

NotMyNameHere NotMyNameHere 6 days ago
Umm what about the mail that was under his foot and all over the floor?
Great start. It grasped my interest right away. Love the characters and the plot. Bravo😄😄👏👏
Wow. This is good so far. I've never seen such a descriptive technique  as you have written. It's very unique and new to what I usually read.
Alright I know good and damn well I'm not the only one who started singing after reading this line -_-
Why haven't I met a guy like this? 
                              Oh right.  They don't exist in real life. :/
In the text it states "Before we begin" meaning before they start to do their paper work but I , myself, thought an inappropriate meaning
                     make it simple , I have a dirty mind ;-;