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Pen Your Pride
Beautiful Melancholy ► Jared Cameron

Beautiful Melancholy ► Jared Cameron

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sav(age) By JustSav Updated Apr 25, 2017

❝I am only human darling, but you? Oh you are an angel who doesn't know she has a halo. And angels do not fall in love with the damned.❞
          Annica D'Amore is a nuisance to Jared Cameron. She's beautiful, loud, harsh, and cold, everything he wasn't ready for. When finding someone who is supposed to be your forever you expect something that makes everything worth living for, but Annica is the opposite of life. She has always lived her life for others, her own life and routine often placed on pause just to help those around her. Never has she really lived and enjoyed herself, never has she felt loved by anyone other than family.
          He comes in without a warning charging towards her walls in hopes that they'll come down for him, someone who can guaranteed her a forever. But she's not ready for Jared's love, his vow of always being with her. She's scared of accepting feelings that will lead her to a whirlwind of the unknown. She doesn't want to simply wait for the moment he leaves, she doesn't want to be around him hesitating if he'll stay.
          It's ironic how our hearts can still get hurt by something we saw coming.

    [ the twilight saga ; new moon ]
    All Rights Reserved | Copyrights © Sav
    Cover by Caitlin ( @illustration )

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justcallmenikki7 justcallmenikki7 Nov 15, 2017
Marshmellowxoxo Marshmellowxoxo Jul 01, 2017
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂wow!! If somebody said that kind of fake trash about me BOI...let me stop myself right quick
Silentwolfgirl357 Silentwolfgirl357 Aug 22, 2017
-cries- I'm so deep in the single-zone that not even Adele can't roll that deep.
NiesrinBakkalii NiesrinBakkalii Apr 25, 2017
Isn't Annica the name of Pipi Longstocking's friend? The one with the blond haired brother? Or is that just in the Dutch version?
Familyfun24 Familyfun24 Aug 06, 2017
Okay just because I want to be sure (I'm not sure if it was said and I just missed it) is it pronounced Anne-Ah-Ka or Ah-Knee-Ka? I've been pronouncing it the second way but I just want to be sure.
Silentwolfgirl357 Silentwolfgirl357 Aug 22, 2017
This made me cry, and wish for someone like that in my life...
                              "Sometimes I'm proud to be single, other times I just want someone." -cries like Rachel from friends- So freaking sensitive, lol.