Cold Feet  [Taekook]

Cold Feet [Taekook]

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.ayo waddup — By Jinisprettierthanyou Completed

"Why can't you admit that you love me?" 

"Because it's suicide." 


"You're a mystery Kim Taehyung." 
"One I'd like to solve." 

"You wouldn't want that." 

"We'll see."


_Jiminnie_luv_ _Jiminnie_luv_ Dec 22, 2016
That dope add outfit he has on. Shiet. Who knew jk can be such a dope ass cop? Fml
taekook_dumpsite taekook_dumpsite Nov 25, 2016
But I would rathed stare at him then dealing with life struggles tbh
taekook_dumpsite taekook_dumpsite Nov 25, 2016
If you're calling yourself ugly then what am I? A garbage bin?
SabahMG SabahMG 4 days ago
I stare at you on a daily basis (also this paragraph reminds me of this malum fanfic called mirrors
You were horrified bc when you looked in the mirror you were expecting to find a homeless boy not an angel
silvia26333 silvia26333 Dec 14, 2016
i hate those people who fall asleep as soon as they close their eyes
                              like it takes me 3 hours
                              700 positions 
                              and a sacrifice to the gods