cold feet ⚣ kth+jjk

cold feet ⚣ kth+jjk

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ÞэřךּэċŧľỶ їmÞэřךּэċŧ By Jinisprettierthanyou Completed

"Why can't you admit that you love me?" 

"Because it's suicide." 


"You're a mystery Kim Taehyung." 
"One I'd like to solve." 

"You wouldn't want that." 

"We'll see."


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FaithDoge FaithDoge Mar 28
this story has been in my library for a while, lmao imma read it
softkthjjk softkthjjk Mar 28
the fact that you had to say this is so sad. why can’t people be mature?
Galactikk Galactikk Apr 15
I like it when Jikook ruins Vkook for awhile
                              It gives more drama.
I also love VMin and JiKook so I'm not complaining. VKook just surpasses them just a little bit for me :)
I'm really interested in reading this but please can you tell me if it's Vkook or KookV.
FaithDoge FaithDoge Mar 28
^ true tbh
                              the best thing to do now is to apologize if you were one of the people who has been complaining over a fanfic