Unfair | Suga | Completed

Unfair | Suga | Completed

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Bangtan's Butterfly By WingsReflection Completed

Started Sep 12, 2016

"You couldn't believe he'd apologized, and even asked to go back to the way you were before. It was more than anything you could've hoped for."

Suga X Reader Fan Fiction


K fam u might have to get a jet tho...cuz I live in America 😅
lxkota lxkota Jan 12
Okay but how can you be so calm about this? Like I'd be screaming and smacking my head against the wall out of excitement
I can't wait to ask him why he likes them Japanese hoes better than Western hoes :)
Me: marry
                              Yoongi: marry what
                              Me: me
                              Yoongi: marry me?
                              Me: yes I will
The name is Sophia, you can call me Kurai. It means darkness, but you can guess what it actually means.
KenviTrash KenviTrash Feb 26
Netflix and chill or send me to Hong Kong with your tongue technology or maybe some other stuff  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)