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Harry Potter characters x reader one shots (Requests open)

Harry Potter characters x reader one shots (Requests open)

20.3K Reads 526 Votes 23 Part Story
Blue Exorcist 2000 By The_Walking_Dead2000 Updated Feb 23

One shots with your favourite Harry Potter characters

Trillion times better than the usual crap I have to sift through, I really liked this
WolfieGirl17788 WolfieGirl17788 Aug 09, 2016
Ummmm.........My name is Lilac,character:Draco!,year:order of the Pheonix (5) story:I don't know...Just make Draco...Draco anddddddddddd Lilac doesn't let anyone into her heart she's busy and rude and he's in Raven claw.
Indie_Is_Indie Indie_Is_Indie Jul 19, 2016
My name: indigo, character: Fred, year: goblet of fire, story: surprise me
KethryAllen KethryAllen Sep 17, 2016
Character: Dean
                              Year: 4
                              Story: the reader is mute and also a metamorphogis and (y/n)'s hair and cheeks always turn blushy pink when they look at dean. (Y/n) wants to tell him how they feels but is too shy to do it. Dean tells (y/n) how he feels and they kiss
TheMrsShawnMendes TheMrsShawnMendes Nov 14, 2016
Charecter: Harry
                              Story: It has to be emotional and romantic with a happy ending. Rest up to you. 
                              Oh and Harry and YN know each other since birth and their parents died together
Emilyisadramaqueen Emilyisadramaqueen Jul 22, 2016
My name is Emily.Character:Fred (Please!).Year:Goblet of fire.Story:I am talking with the fat lady and Angelina starting being a B*tch.Angelina and Fred are dating but he sticks up for me.I end up with Fred!
                              I hope that is an Ok story line thing for you!I understand if you can't do it.