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Harry Potter characters x reader one shots (Requests closed)

Harry Potter characters x reader one shots (Requests closed)

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Blue Exorcist 2000 By The_Walking_Dead2000 Updated 2 hours ago

One shots with your favourite Harry Potter characters
- I don't do lemons, only limes.
- I don't do one shots for specific people, they'll always be (Y/N).

LunarMoo LunarMoo Jul 09
Name: Emmylou
                              Character: Fred or James Sirius Potter. (Whichever one you want to do)
                              Year: 5
                              Storyline: I don't care. JUST NO LEMON PLEASE! AND NO SADNESS 😭
                               Looks: Light brown hair. Dark brown eyes. Pretty small. 
                              Personality: Prankster, Not Serious, Fiesty, and Nice
Unicorn4216 Unicorn4216 Apr 29
I have a crush on James but he like lily and I get really sad and so one day we play truth or dare and I'm siting across from him and lily and he gets ask to look at his crush and he looks at me. My names Madelyn by the way
emriecurtis emriecurtis Apr 25
I want draco. (My names Veronica riddle.)
                              im in year 3 He's in 5.
                              Snape knows who my dad is (voldemort) and he's talking to me about him, draco over hears.
Draco Malfoy
                              4th year
                              You first both hate eachother, but than Draco starts to flirt with you and does everything to make you fall for him.
Name: James Garath Potter
                              Character: Hermione Granger
                              House: Gryffindor
                              Year: 5th
                              Storyline: After breaking up with Ginny, I go into the Forbidden Forest to practice Ninjutsu. Hermione finds me and decides to be my girlfriend. And we plan on having sex in the Prefects Bathroom at midnight
                              Characther:Albus severus potter
                              Year 4
                              Storyline: I want you to choose a storyline. I had really no idea. And I think you can do it better than me. 😊