The Monster Under My Bed • Peter Pan Ouat •

The Monster Under My Bed • Peter Pan Ouat •

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"I'm not Corey." A voice rang out. When I finished my circle I jumped to see someone standing in front of me. 

He took a step forwards and I hoped back a little. "Don't be scared." He said softly. I stared at him. He looked like he would be friendly in the light. But  in the dark he looked scary. 

I'm 5, I'll trust anyone I meet if they can help me back home. "Who are you?" I asked. 

A small grin grew on his face. "I'm Peter, Peter Pan." 


I chuckled to myself. "What?" He asked. "Nothing, I don't want to be murdered." I continued to lightly laugh. 

"Adelaide. Tell me." He said rather calmly. "I was just," I started giggling again. Yes giggling. I've decided to embrace it. 

I glanced up at him. "You sure?" I asked with my hand over my mouth. "Yes." He replied honestly. 

Shrugging, I continued. "You asked for it," I sighed. "If you're Peter Pan, then where's Tinkerbell?" I asked cheekily. 

He started doing that thing, where I could see his tongue moving around on the inside of his mouth, and boy could I tell he was annoyed as he crossed his arms. 

"You, my darling, have a death wish." 


17 and scared of the so called "monster" under her bed, irrational, don't you think? 

Or was Adelaide right the whole time to fear the being that seemed to shadow her for her entire life? 


This story features DARK and slightly DISTURBING AND EXTREMELY CRINGEY PAN so be warned. I do out warnings on chapters with "swearing" and "violence" however if you don't find it to be represented as such, just remember that other people might see it that way so that's why I put it there. 
The following are the

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Oh my gosh this is like AWESOME!!!!🙌🙌🙌🙌. I LOVE IT!!!
Wow I'VE just started reading this and I can't wait to read  the next chapters. It is really AWESOME!!!