Stay Alive (Sans X Depressed Reader)

Stay Alive (Sans X Depressed Reader)

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★ Angst King ★ By justabitsleepy Updated Sep 10

✘ "One day I'll be gone... 
✘ You know that right? "

• "Yes... 
• But for now...
• Please Stay alive... 

     Føř M∋

          I ⓛѺѷ∈


ⓓo ⓨ∅Ü ⓡεΔΓŁŸ?

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It's like I'm physically unable to lie to people I hold at least some respect for... I do nothing but lie to my parents XD
Only two things:
                              1- I'm not an idiot 'father'. I get all A's and B's
                              2- and I am not fat. I am so skinny that the doctors tried to call CPS in my parents for not allowing them to take blood tests.
                              At 14, a freshman, I weigh 75lbs
wawa45 wawa45 May 17
Well no! I like lie! Specially hear a lie when i know the truth
Damn I really am all those... And I'm pretty sure my dad called me a few before he left...
Kawaii_Phoenix Kawaii_Phoenix Aug 24, 2016
now for this one. (response to quote at the bottom)
                              And for some the pain is new, and burning them from inside. Understanding (or being used to) pain can help you help them. You can also open up to others so you dont EVER have to feel alone.