overwatch | imagines

overwatch | imagines

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kookie ❤️ By Rawrmochii Updated Nov 11, 2016

- not accepting requests at the moment -

" are you with me? "

preferences, imagines, and one shots including your favorite heroes!

i can do fem x fem + smut and probably male x male, so don't be afraid to ask!

" we'll be there to save you. "

kaomojidoshi kaomojidoshi Jul 28, 2016
I'll give ya a request
                              For all overwatch characters
                              What will they say on your funeral
                              (Make it heartbreaking)
kaomojidoshi kaomojidoshi Jul 21, 2016
Can you do a Mei x depressed!Reader? (Like what Kenji said gender doesn't matter) Thanks :D
EmmaScott7 EmmaScott7 Aug 28, 2016
Can you do a angsty Soldier 76 x fem!Reader x reaper and a Reaper x Reader x McCree?
Ashiwen Ashiwen Jul 19, 2016
Junkrat x reader? gender not specified. and you can just make it fluffy. 
                              I have a severe problem when it comes to Junkrat honestly oops
kaomojidoshi kaomojidoshi Aug 14, 2016
Scenario request! ^^
                              How do you make out with them
                              (You're actually good at making scenarios lmao)
crushingdread crushingdread Aug 19, 2016
ah could you possibly do a symmetra/fem!reader, please? possibly with protective/possessive symmetra?