Someone's Little Sister: A Laurance X Reader

Someone's Little Sister: A Laurance X Reader

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{#1 in Aphmau}

"Y/N, I love you.  I don't want to lose you.  Will you marry me?"


That is the moment I knew.  Seeing the boy I love down on one knee is the moment I knew: I am so much more than someone's little sister.


Y/N Ro'meave is the Ro'meave brothers' little sister.  She is depressed, misunderstood, and abused.

Laurance Zvahl is Phoenix Drop High's bad boy.  He is rebellious, flirtatious, and popular.

The two never in their wildest dreams thought they would escape the title of "someone's little sister," and "bad boy," but as they become closer they realize they could help each other leave the demons of their stereotypes.

DISCLAIMER: Characters are Aphmau's except my OC's.  I do not own pictures in cover.  Contains mature themes.

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Mystical_Hybrid Mystical_Hybrid Oct 21, 2017
Its probably me, but I havent seen a lot of Laurance fan fics, so when I read the description, I had a good feeling about this book
xXxBlueDarknessxXx xXxBlueDarknessxXx Dec 29, 2017
3.Please don't comment "UPDATE" fuive minutes after I posted a new chapter
cinnamontricks cinnamontricks Dec 23, 2017
I never cry
                              *reads first chapter and bursts into tears*
                              Why me
Emo-Frappuccino Emo-Frappuccino Dec 22, 2017
*hair flip but fails* is it weird I like books with plot twists like #6?
_Awkward_Fangirl_101 _Awkward_Fangirl_101 Oct 18, 2017
I'm gonna read this in school even though im defenetly going to cry. LETS GO