The Only One || Mettaton X Reader X Sans

The Only One || Mettaton X Reader X Sans

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♚  Danish Bread ♚ By RealityInsanity Updated Dec 30, 2016

‖Mettaton X Reader X Sans‖

"Look kid, you're the only one left." 

The robot and the skeleton were the last of their circle of friends. 

Frisk completed a Neutral Run-they killed many and even defeated Omega Flowey. They took King Asgore's soul and returned to their home in the surface, leaving all of the monsters in the Underground. 

Mettaton was soon appointed king, and Sans was lost without his brother and the woman behind the door. 

Both felt empty inside, until you fell down the mountain hole. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Cover made by me.

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aesthetix-glitxh aesthetix-glitxh Aug 18, 2017
Damn Blooky... I'm going with him! ×Opens the door and closes it back×
JakalqineNinja JakalqineNinja Apr 19, 2017
I understand my grandma died yesterday my grandpa died today my mom is diagnosed with cancer and she will die my sister got into a wreak my father drinks and he cries about his brother. My family is falling apart!
*You called Toriel*
                              Ring ring ring...
                              But nobody came.
SierraRoseGold SierraRoseGold Mar 22, 2017
Theanimegirl511 Theanimegirl511 Dec 23, 2017
dismalskies16 dismalskies16 Feb 08, 2017
I actually got teary eye on this and the song I was listening to didn't help