The Only One || Mettaton X Reader X Sans

The Only One || Mettaton X Reader X Sans

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‖Mettaton X Reader X Sans‖

"Look kid, you're the only one left." 

The robot and the skeleton were the last of their circle of friends. 

Frisk completed a Neutral Run-they killed many and even defeated Omega Flowey. They took King Asgore's soul and returned to their home in the surface, leaving all of the monsters in the Underground. 

Mettaton was soon appointed king, and Sans was lost without his brother and the woman behind the door. 

Both felt empty inside, until you fell down the mountain hole. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Cover made by me.

I actually got teary eye on this and the song I was listening to didn't help
@XxAuthentic_OtakuxX Noooo our goat mother!!!! Phil: Bring me the milk mother!
GlitterWillLive GlitterWillLive Oct 26, 2016
Noooooooooo spider queen who's fight I shouldn't have skipped!
BunnieSwaggo BunnieSwaggo Nov 13, 2016
Sans: uhh have u seen the lady behind the door
                              Flashback toriel: I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED *dead*
                              Frisk: uhh noo
                              Sans: okay
                              Sans and frisk walking: uhh
EchoingThroughTime EchoingThroughTime Sep 22, 2016
I can't believe someone wrote a fanfic for this, I'm very excited omg.
Blaccwolfe Blaccwolfe Jan 08
                              @Zebrababy18: *Glares at me*
                              *Runs away* IM SORRY I KILLED YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER