The Cold Alpha

The Cold Alpha

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Elbowing the person in the ribs, I  run towards them and tackle Alpha Sebastian off of Levi. I land on top of him with a thud and he growls and switches the positions. 

   "I suggest you not do that again, mate," Alpha Sebastian speaks coldly making me flinch. Wait a second.. I'm the Alpha's daughter. I need to at least act like I'm tough even though I'm not. 

   "I suggest you not attack my best friend again," I respond in the same tone. He growls lowly at me.

  "Do you want to be punished, little mate?" He growls in my ear. 

Whitney Is The Alpha's Daughter. Her pack Is The White Moon Pack And Is The Fourth Strongest Pack In The World. Her And Her Father Attend A Meeting And Are Met With A Shocking Surprise. 

   Sebastian Kingston Is The Alpha Of The Strongest Pack In The World. The Red Blood Pack. He's Also Known As The World's Coldest Alpha. He Doesn't Give Second Chances. Will that change when he finds his mate?

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This makes me sad I know this is not like other books but werewolf’s pups are everything to them and not to mention this is his ONLY DAUGHTER