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Bitch Please [Plot Shop]

Bitch Please [Plot Shop]

16.5K Reads 901 Votes 50 Part Story
✧ Nicole ✧ By -Bamon Updated a day ago

In which a smol bean that has no fucking life, decides to start her own plot/plot request shop

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unclassical unclassical Aug 21, 2016
Fandom: Percy Jackson (what else cx)
                              Love interest: Reyna
                              Book: after the Blood of Olympus
                              Male or female OC: male
                              Species: demigod
                              LGBT or straight: straight 
                              Password: Harley Quinn
asas01 asas01 Jul 19, 2016
Fandom The Hobbit 
                              Love interest Legolas 
                              Move any 
                              Species Elf 
                              Password Captian America
artimistic artimistic Aug 10, 2016
Fandom: Teen Wolf
                              Love interest: Malia Tate
                              Season: 4
                              Male or Female OC: Female
                              Species: human
                              LGBT or straight: LGBT
greenberg_ greenberg_ Jul 30, 2016
Fandom: Teen Wolf
                              Love Interest: Erica Reyes
                              Season: 2
                              Male or Female OC: female
                              Species: human
                              LBGT or Straight: LGBT
                              Password: Peter Hale
SaveOurQueen SaveOurQueen 7 days ago
Fandom: Supernatural 
                              Love Interest: Dean Winchester 
                              Season: doesn't matter. Preferably recent 
                              Male OC
                              Species: Human
                              Password; Loki
paparrish paparrish Aug 05, 2016
fandom ; bones (if you know it ofc)
                              love interest ; lance sweets
                              season ; 4
                              male or female oc ; female
                              species ; human
                              lgtb or straight ; straight
                              password ; arrow