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Hamilton Roleplay!

Hamilton Roleplay!

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-ThomasJefferson- By -ThomasJefferson- Updated Dec 24, 2016

This is my Hamilton Roleplay come join!

livcyanide livcyanide Sep 06, 2016
{Sorry to be a bother but can you add in the rules not to talk about cutting and if you do please use a trigger warning? You don't have to I'm just wondering if you can}
grace-jefferson grace-jefferson Oct 10, 2016
Name: Grace Jefferson
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: Female
                              Sexuality: Bi
                              FC/looks: Sabrina Carpenter 
                              Relation to canon: little sister of Thomas Jefferson 
                              Personality: cute, adorable, loving, caring, kind, shy
                              Crush: idk
                              Other: likes to sing and dance
                              Online name: Grace.Jeff
TreThe3rd TreThe3rd Nov 21, 2016
Pen Pendleton 
                              Personality: Crazy to say the least, goldfish obsessed, doesn't act their age most of the time
                              Relations: friends with all those folks
                              Other: has a goldfish named Tim Tom
Pigtail-Peggy Pigtail-Peggy Sep 10, 2016
Can I be Peggy? Or is someone her already? Cause the list isn't loading for me.
LargeGayBaguette LargeGayBaguette Oct 02, 2016
I, do you have a door? If you do I'm kicking it down.
                              To ask, can I bee Lee? (Puns)
the-aesthetics the-aesthetics Nov 13, 2016
Hi I was peggy before ( I changed my username ) do u mind if I join again or do u have another Peggy ?