⌜Servamp x Reader⌟ ¡One Shots!

⌜Servamp x Reader⌟ ¡One Shots!

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マドリン☺️ By puffymarshmallows Updated Nov 08

"Each page contains a different story. Flip and read to find fluff, angst, and even sexual tension"-puffymarshmallows

Yea, I have started another addicting one shot book..

[Warning: contains lemon and smut]

>Requests are currently open<


Wolfgirl011 Wolfgirl011 Oct 08
PLZ PLZ PLZ DO LAWLESS X READER ! Romance slowly into lemon ~!
Tsubaki x eve reader angst!at the end....wait is this the right choice?
Hey, I have no doubt doubt that your hands are full (heh heh, see what I did there? Sorry), but could I request a Sakuya x reader lemon?
May I Lawless x Kuudere!Reader and Licht x Tsundere!Reader or Licht x Kuudere!Reader? Plz :3
yatogurl yatogurl Aug 03
aaa, ikr? licht is bae!
                              would you mind making a kinda smut oneshot with a tsundere licht? ;-; ♥
YumeAira YumeAira Aug 11
OMGOMGOMG can I request a Sakuya x reader smut fanfic please? ( ・ ิω ・ ิ)