No Strings Attached {ErrorxInk}

No Strings Attached {ErrorxInk}

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kay By qualifiednerd Updated 5 days ago

(Error!Sans x Ink!Sans)
(Undertale AU fanfic)
Ink is the creator.
He made all the AUs, and now protects them.
Everyone was happy, the AUs timelines were normal.

That was until he created something that would destroy it all.

Error is the destroyer.
He sets out to destroy all AUs, because he sees them as abominations. 
He hated everyone.

But then when they encountered each other, something strange happened. The two polar opposites....
Became friends.
Maybe even more.
(mmmm ok i suck at descriptions bUT;;
heya! im sanstasticc, but you can call me sans :)) this is my first story and errorxink(paperjam?) is my OTP. pls dun hate and ily all <33)

This is ........
                              FLIPPPING AWESOME
                              E:you still can't spell can you
                              Me: come on error its not my fault it's......... Geno's fault
Just saying, inks creator states ink does not create aus only protects them
Wolfbonesx Wolfbonesx Jul 27
And I now know who the protector is by using this one line. Freeessshhhh?
No offense or anything, but the first thing that came to mind was 'Toby Fox'.
                              That's less work for you.
                              I'm pretty sure you did that on purpose.
                              You did a great job 👌🏼👌🏼
InkySplash InkySplash Jul 21
How does one write such good stuff.
                              In such little time?
                              Nice job though!