no strings attached||errorink {#Wattys2017}

no strings attached||errorink {#Wattys2017}

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bob0bear By bob0bear Completed

Ink is the creator.
He made all the AUs, and now protects them.
Everyone was happy, the AUs timelines were normal.

That was until he created something that would destroy it all.

Error is the destroyer.
He sets out to destroy all AUs, because he sees them as abominations. 
He hated everyone.

But then when they encountered each other, something strange happened. The two polar opposites....
Became friends.
Maybe even more.

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No, nope, nada, no thank you. I ain't gonna be your hitman," Fell said. "BITCH YOU MUST ME KIDDING ME XD" I Said.
SanySuzuya SanySuzuya Apr 30
This seems promising ^-^
                              Thanks GOTH, there are still some good fanfictions out there.
                              This one seems like blessing from heaven X3
krowlol krowlol Jul 28
I can tell just by this first part that this is going to be a phenomenal book
If only he destroyed Underlust...
                              Oh well,Imma gonna do it myself.
                              Anyone want to help?
                              If he destroyed Underlust, I would have to applaud Error.
PepsiWolf58 PepsiWolf58 Jul 19
Wait he killed my brothers dance and horror, the only ones I have left to call a family?! 
                              -turns to the mother of life and death-
                              YOU WANNA FU**ING GO?!