Iceland's Diary: It Began In Summer  (UNDER HEAVY EDITING!!!)

Iceland's Diary: It Began In Summer (UNDER HEAVY EDITING!!!)

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Iceland gets a diary so he starts writing weird shit in it
Don't read this if you actually expect something serious because you're not going to get it. Go read some other diary if you are, lmao. There are so many... 

Why make a ass long description when there isn't even a plot for the story? Just a bunch of suckass things that happen to everyone

    -5 seconds of HongIce,  a bit of DenNor and a tablespoon of SuFin
    -Cringe,  references, memes,  cussing because it's fucking life 
    -Unfortunately,  not Morgan Freeman narrating the story
    -Inappropriate things and much more crap 
Hetalia obviously doesn't belong to me because if it did,  I wouldn't be here in the first place.
Also please forgive me I know the first 184 chapters are cringy plz don't die
Also you gotta be older than 13 to read this did I mention that oh dear-

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