Iceland's Diary:  It Began In Summer

Iceland's Diary: It Began In Summer

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neet wannabe By APH-Iceland- Updated Aug 05

Iceland gets a diary so he starts writing weird shit in it.   
  // Why make a ass long description when there isn't even a plot for the story? Just a bunch of suckass things that happen to everyone.  //

-5 seconds of HongIce,  a bit of DenNor and a tablespoon of SuFin

-Cringe,  references, memes,  cussing because boi;  it's life
-Unfortunately,  not Morgan Freeman narrating the story

-Inappropriate things and much more crap  //  
Hetalia obviously doesn't belong to me because if it did,  I wouldn't be here in the first place.  //
Also please forgive me I know the first 184 chapters are cringy plz don't die//

Also you gotta be older than 13 to read this did I mention that oh dear-

How does he even throw? He is a god damn bird!!! These Nordics are crazy
Leon remind me of my dad when he sleeps. He also snors like hell. You can literally  hear him from the bathroom that is near the livingroom.
ShadowZ0428 ShadowZ0428 Aug 06
I've land is probably my favorite Nordic followed by Norway, Denmark, Sweden, then Finland
That's what happens to me all the time. No one can pronounce my name so I just give up and use an English name instead.
Ha i almost did that once cause i have a journal that i write in just before bed
My school has a geography quiz and one of the questions was name two famous features of Iceland. My answers were obviously licorice and puffins. Surprisingly, I got half a point because the class captain who marked the quiz was a full on hetalian.