Don't Ever Turn Me Down (Kellic)

Don't Ever Turn Me Down (Kellic)

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Kellin Quinn, or every teenager's wet dream. Famous lead singer and father of three, nothing could ever get in his way!

Nothing except for a small teenage boy, who happens to be his daughter's best friend.

Warning : Age gap.

KissingaKiller KissingaKiller Dec 31, 2016
Pirates of the Caribbean series, rango, dark Shadows, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Alice in wonderland series, Edward Scissorhands, the lone ranger, other movies I can't think of right now
KellinsColorfulTears KellinsColorfulTears Dec 21, 2016
im hiding in my closet reading bc im grounded and I just busted out laughing. kms.
TheVicBottomsSociety TheVicBottomsSociety Jul 20, 2016
Psh age gaps aren't a kink of mine, what are you talking about
sorryimjaimie sorryimjaimie Jul 20, 2016
it's always fun to read in the submissive's pov bc i'm dominant af and it's entertaining
grungekellin grungekellin Jul 29, 2016
*comes out of shadows* *plays G note* When I was a young boy
longlostjellyfish longlostjellyfish Jul 26, 2016
Youre probably fūcking up yor career but don't let that stop ya