Conjunction Junction - A Book Club

Conjunction Junction - A Book Club

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What's your function? By Conjunction-Junction Updated 4 hours ago

This is a book club. Where people read books. We are now accepting FANTASY and SCI-FI books. 

Members may also join the private chatroom by following the "external link" on the right of the description.

Thank you to icicleblue for the lovely cover!

JessArwen JessArwen Jul 20
Could I do Death's Song, even though it's scifi-fantasy instead of strict fantasy?  If not, I can do Princess of the Stars (but I've only got two chapters of that done)
QJ_Newman QJ_Newman Sep 17
Username:  @QJ_Newman
                              Book Title:  Hollow Earth: Blood Rebellion
MistressOP MistressOP Oct 30
Username: MistressOP
                              Book Title: Dreaming of Fireflies 
                              (Urban Fantasy)
Username: Enchantresses
                              Book Title: I would like to be a reader, please!
I now have my book available!
                              Username: @Austin-longenecker
                              Title: Abyssopelagic Breath
                              The Lost Chronicle (it should be noted that i'm extremely slow with updating and i only have the prologue up as of now, but chapter 1 will be finished very soon but i may not be able to keep up with weekly updates)