A Katsudeku fanfiction
Katsuki has some very confusing feelings for deku and it takes a little trouble with the law to realize what those feelings mean.
Kinda an AU where there's no quirks and all might is just Izukus favorite comic book hero

Kaei_Rose Kaei_Rose Aug 12, 2016
It feels weird to day it here, but... It's Krystal from YouTube, lol.
Kaei_Rose Kaei_Rose Aug 12, 2016
                              This book made me smile! 💖
FanficsForeverLife FanficsForeverLife Jul 19, 2016
Aww they're going on a cute movie date 😍
                              But this is good, keep up the great work👍
YaoiisTestingmyFeels YaoiisTestingmyFeels Jul 19, 2016
Thank you so much!! Tbh I was scared to publish it 😅 I'm glad you like it though!!
llama-bear llama-bear Oct 13, 2016
me: blush.......(nosebleed imagining it)
                              me: searchs it up 
                              what it shows: (u already know)