A Katsudeku fanfiction
Katsuki has some very confusing feelings for deku and it takes a little trouble with the law to realize what those feelings mean.
Kinda an AU where there's no quirks and all might is just Izukus favorite comic book hero

/My mind in school when I think of gay ships such as this instead of work/
Nuuu..u should have sat in the back because then no one would notice you two making out :P
God damn this boy is cute image Izuku.... God damn Izuku is smoking HOT!
JaxonDraws2 JaxonDraws2 Jun 23
The fact that I'm reading this with the first episode on in the back ground*currently singing the whole theme song in japanese*
Kaei_Rose Kaei_Rose Aug 12, 2016
It feels weird to day it here, but... It's Krystal from YouTube, lol.
Kaei_Rose Kaei_Rose Aug 12, 2016
                              This book made me smile! 💖