Fairy Tail Next Generation (FTNG)

Fairy Tail Next Generation (FTNG)

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The children of Team Natsu and more have gone and grown up!
Nashi Dragneel - Daughter of Natsu and Lucy Dragneel. 16
Storm Fullbuster - Son of Gray and Juvia Fullbuster. 18
Reiki Fernandez - Son of Erza and Jellal Fernandez. 19
Nova Dreyar - Daughter of Laxus and Mira-jane Dreyar. 17
Gale Redfox - Son of Gajeel and Levy Redfox. 17

Team Nashi has been created! 

Character designs and names: By kkumri from Tumblr! Check her out! Only the next gen of FT tho. Some of my oc pics are from Google

Cover editing: Me, myself, and I.

Nashi and some of the characters here have been created by Hiro Mashima. I OWN NONE of the characters unless I say so.

Sorry,but I'm gonna ask! Why does Mira of all people know? That's gotta be horrific. Or did she find out?
i'm from G+! I love that place. my name is Ever Bloom. (See where that came from)
tbh I prefer Luna! But I know that Hiro-sama already confirmed the name Nashi
                              Luna or Nashi x Storm 
                              Nova x gale 
                              Rin x Rosemary 
                              Nash x Reiki 
                              Sylvia x Sting kid 
                              Sorry I can't read this book
Lol wait what how does Laxus know and Laxus LET THEM BE KIIIIDS IN LOVE OK CALM
Ok I'm seriously enjoying this book when I first read it was also when I didn't know the ships had potential kids and I was so lost I couldn't remember who was who and just kinda winged it omg but now I'm like Oop! I know who this is and it's like FINALLY I UNDERSTAAND