Brian + Belle

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CantHandleMissingYou By gabbyalex Updated 3 months ago
Belle Uriah and Brian McBlake first met when they were 7 years old.  That day was a monumental day in their lives, seeing how they are still very close friends now, 10 years later.  Their parents didn't know what to do when they hit it off so well, because Belle and Brian are like night and day.  Belle is a fun and sweet islander, originally born in Trinidad.  While Brian is a small town suburban boy from Northern Virginia.  However, the bond that they share is strong enough to withstand obstacle after obstacle.  As their feelings for one another grow, and as their friendship deepens, can they both withstand the blows of reality?  And can their relationsip endure the test of time?  More importantly, can they live without eachother?
    AFTER, Romeo and Juliet.  There was Brian and Belle.
This is one of the best stories I have read in wattpad .. Buuuuuut come on when will you upload its been ages since u last did so ...
Oh my gosh! My friend told me all about this story!  She's so obsessed with it and now I know why.  Good job I love it.
Ah, I'm such a hopeless romantic, and I already adore this! You have some wonderful description! (: Onto chapter One!
Oh! I don't even need to read this, i've been reading it lol. Sorry, I'm a silent reader.
amazing description I don't think I have had some one describe love so completely as you did with rain great work!
wonderful metaphor for love! if i could describe this prologue in one word it would be astonishing! it really draws the reader in, practically forcing them to read more!(: I LOVE THIS! <3