Caged Bird

Caged Bird

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 layla ahmed 

"Odell," I whispered, leaning my head against his shoulders as he played in my head of hair.

"What is it?" he questioned back, the small smile that I adored on his face. 

"Marry me." I blurted out with a laugh, watching him cheese widely. 

"How?" he asked, as I sat up a little. 

"You can't laugh at me," I chuckled, digging in my back pocket. 

I fished out the two rubber band rings I had made last night. One was blue, and the other pink-our favorite colors. I grabbed his abnormally large hand and placed it in mine with a huge grin. 

"Do you, Odell Beckham Jr., take me, Layla Ahmed, to be your wife?" I questioned with a giggle. 

He stared at me for a while, his soft honey skin glistening in the sunlight. His tongue ran across his bottom lip, and he smiled revealing his pearly whites. 

"I do." he nodded, as I slipped the small ring of rubber bands around his finger. 

Odell grabbed the pink rubber band ring from out of my hand, and put my hand in his, "Ok, this is t...

Omfg i just saw that story on ID discovery a few weeks ago. Crazy
😭😫 this book will definitely have me on an emotional rollercoaster
I love the way it started out, it seemed original. Really caught my attention. Ready for what happens next.
AmarisXo AmarisXo Jul 22
I'm already sad bc if someone die I'm going to cry, smh already attached.
free-byrd free-byrd Sep 17
She must be Muslim 😢 her last name is Ahmed and they will literally publicly humiliate or kill you for dishonor
jb_vibes jb_vibes Sep 21
Omg yes this really reminds me of that 😭😭 @ParadiseZanotti