Yuri On Ice | oneshot collection / novels

Yuri On Ice | oneshot collection / novels

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frozen pork By -Procrastiwriter- Updated Aug 10

Anyone else still having YOI hangover? Just me? Well anyways, here's a collection of oneshots and full-blown books for you! I realize that my few starting chapters are shit, but if I can say so myself, through writing these stories, i've improved a whole lot since I started. Yes, they do gradually improve, and i'm really proud of that fact, and that's why I don't delete my shit chapters. I try to update twice a week, I usually fail, but I try! Anyways, go give my humble book a shot! (because it's a oneSHOT book i'm so funny)

P.S. The star symbol indicates R-18 themes! ;)

- Multi-chapter Mafia AU (Ongoing) 
- Multi-chapter Eros! Yuuri and Psyche! Viktor AU (About to be released)
- Masquerade AU 
- Bartender AU
- more AUs
- 20+ oneshots
- 90% Viktuuri, 8% YuYuu, 2% Phichuuri
- Couple of rants here and there (yikes)
- One shitpost (whoops)
- A lot more in plan :DD

SakuraHarunolazyass SakuraHarunolazyass Nov 07, 2016
Yaoi on ice .....🤔 that is a good idea because everytime I'm out of the screen I will just return back with my mouth hanging open 😂
marshmallow2010 marshmallow2010 Nov 06, 2016
I want to request for fluff (victor×yuri) pleaseeee 😇 since the anime to me is kinda fluff 😍
sorry to correct u and all but
                              IT IS F*CKING CANNON OML
Hoiu70 Hoiu70 Oct 28, 2016
Awww  I like it >///< So cute ~
                              Can i translate it into Vietnamese? I guarantee that I will put the artist's name if your permission is allowed. 
foxylike123 foxylike123 Nov 23, 2016
I know right its so gay that its killing me with how much I love yaoi