Master? «Septiplier AU»

Master? «Septiplier AU»

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(Long Haitus) By TheOtakuEmoUnicorn Updated Oct 03

Jack was a Neko. He ran away from his abusive owner and was now homeless. He had scars and cuts that were bleeding. Poor innocent Jack though he was going to die, but then a tall man with red hair came towards him.

Mark was going home on a dark, cold night. When he heard whimpering from the alleyway, he turned to see there was... A Neko?

Cover and Story// TheOtakuEmoUnicorn 2016©

This story has abuse, suggestive language and many more that might not be suttible for young audience.

                              I'm a kinky fluffer 
                              Funny story
                              I'm ace but I still act like I'm kinky and I didn't realize it until last year when someone pointed it out😂😂😂
Sorry....imma have a bath in holy water now anyone else need one?
OMG I would die if Mark said no no no call me Daddy😏😏😏 #triggered #Septipliertrash #dirtymindstoop
CoolKookie CoolKookie Sep 11
Then they proceed with the "how to high five" thing with Mark and Ryan...
Oh god
                              I thought he meant something else when he said he'd get Jack something to eat
                              Please kill me
I'm kinda sad BC I havevthe dirtiest mind out of all of my friends and I only noticed it when you staid something😂😂😂