Master? «Septiplier AU»

Master? «Septiplier AU»

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(Long Haitus) By TheOtakuEmoUnicorn Updated Oct 03, 2016

Jack was a Neko. He ran away from his abusive owner and was now homeless. He had scars and cuts that were bleeding. Poor innocent Jack though he was going to die, but then a tall man with red hair came towards him.

Mark was going home on a dark, cold night. When he heard whimpering from the alleyway, he turned to see there was... A Neko?

Cover and Story// TheOtakuEmoUnicorn 2016©

This story has abuse, suggestive language and many more that might not be suttible for young audience.

wheres_the_bleach_ wheres_the_bleach_ Nov 16, 2016
                              I'm a kinky fluffer 
                              Funny story
                              I'm ace but I still act like I'm kinky and I didn't realize it until last year when someone pointed it out😂😂😂
SepticTrash24 SepticTrash24 Nov 30, 2016
Sorry....imma have a bath in holy water now anyone else need one?
MissJacksonkma MissJacksonkma Sep 25, 2016
OMG I would die if Mark said no no no call me Daddy😏😏😏 #triggered #Septipliertrash #dirtymindstoop
CoolKookie CoolKookie Sep 11, 2016
Then they proceed with the "how to high five" thing with Mark and Ryan...
wheres_the_bleach_ wheres_the_bleach_ Nov 16, 2016
Oh god
                              I thought he meant something else when he said he'd get Jack something to eat
                              Please kill me
MykaylaTowell MykaylaTowell Sep 01, 2016
Is it weird when jack said thank you master I heard Mimi's voice from hunie pop