Coming For Blood [MTV's Scream]

Coming For Blood [MTV's Scream]

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taylor By braveprinxess Updated Jul 12, 2017

[BOOK 2]

When people used to hear the name Poppy Belmont, they would think of the girl whom was friends with the most popular group in high school. They would think of the girl that always had a witty retort, fresh to roll off her tongue. They would think of the girl that was always kind to everyone around her, despite her somewhat snarky attitude. 

But overtime, after the Lakewood murders occurred, people thought differently when they heard of the name. They thought of the girl that had cheated death more than once. They thought of the poor girl who lost her friends and her brother to the hands of the killer. They thought of a girl whom was a broken survivor. And that was exactly who she became. 

Leaving Lakwood was supposed to solve all her problems - but instead, she found herself returning to the town after only three months of being gone. Despite it being a town that reminded her of the ghosts of her friends, she was relived to be back. 

But killing Piper and locking Savannah James in a psychiatric ward was never the end of the Lakewood murders. And it was only a matter of time until the new killer would pick up that knife and start all over again.

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whorecruxes whorecruxes Mar 20, 2017
wowowow brooke. hitting on your best friend's future husband? classy
got_no_jamss got_no_jamss Feb 13, 2017
I have influenza and I laughed so hard and then I coughed so hard...yeah I died.
masqueraderoses masqueraderoses Dec 12, 2016
oh damn not gonna lie I love Jake but I already like Poppy and Stavo I'M SO CONFLICTED