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Trapped (Urban)

Trapped (Urban)

4.6M Reads 133K Votes 47 Part Story
ShadyAveri By ShadyAveri Completed

Scholarship after scholarship is offered to AJ and his long time girlfriend Kennedy. Both, amazing athletes. But when something typical for a young teenage couple happens to them, but yet tragic to their future, someone is going to have to make a huge sacrifice for their lives. Adrianna always had whatever she wanted. Why would she chose the street life before any other life? No one knows but Bianca is determined to get her troubled teen on the right path as soon as she can.

alejenki94 alejenki94 Jan 18
Now Adien Can Definitely Say This Bianca Fault 😂 She could've stayed at her old school
CeeCeeBad23 CeeCeeBad23 Feb 07
So you telling me yo parents ain't notice a change in yo behavior
CeeCeeBad23 CeeCeeBad23 Feb 07
I just knew she was gone end up in the streets wats next her brother a man stripper
Wayment he did all that pushing making sure Jr didn't follow in his foot steps bye his daughter did wow I was but ready
Y'all over acting like she wanna have sex or something she just want a boyfriend and he's only one year older. Did y'all forgot AJ had his first GF in 8th grade ??
bosschickallums bosschickallums Jan 13, 2015
ii love this book you should really make another series to this book.