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My love for you is illegal ( boyxboy)

My love for you is illegal ( boyxboy)

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crazzedfangirl24 By crazzedfangirl24 Updated Sep 10, 2016

Mr howell is the hot new drama teacher, with a beautiful and caring wife named Jade, Becky his 8 year old daughter and Kyle his 15 year old adopted son. But when he starts his new school as a drama teacher, a subject he is most passionate about and wants to teach the wonders of the topic to everyone, he chooses a rather tacky school for his rich life style. And his only classes are six-form, the students who actually want to learn and act mature. But, not everyone is like that. Phil Lester, a quite boy with no more than one good companion, took drama because his mother forced him too, for her own selfish self as she wants a son who is rich. Phil immediately catches Mr Howells attention as being different and he can't stop himself from wanting to keep the boy safe from all the bad things in his life, the only problem being, Phil can't be safe, not anywhere. And he most definitely can't be fixed.  Warning: self harm, starving, talk of suicide, suicide attempt, smut , rape and foul language, BXB.

UnicornCat16 UnicornCat16 Oct 24, 2017
SHEEP: "Beep beep im a sHeEp beep beep im a sheep"
                              COW: "Meow meow im a cow"
                              SHEEP: "NO!"
ImALeg ImALeg Aug 14, 2017
We call our teaches Madame and Monsieur. Probs because I'm in a French school.
SophisticatedPhan SophisticatedPhan Oct 18, 2017
I’m getting Tyler Oakley’s book vibes. Anyone else? No? Okay. Bye.
JERBShips JERBShips Sep 10, 2017
Me: "Oooooh I haven't read this Phanfic yet, I'm gonna read it!" *Opens up the story*
                              Beep Beep. 
                              Me: "BEST. PHANFIC. EVER!"
                              My sister: "Shut up! It's 11:00pm and we have school tomorrow!!!"
                              Me: *Reads phanfic till 1:00am* 
                              (P.s. I'm not lying. I'm probably gonna read it till 1:00am xD)
SophisticatedPhan SophisticatedPhan Oct 18, 2017
Whenever people call me emo I just retort with “That is what I was going for”
taylorbobaylor03 taylorbobaylor03 Oct 21, 2017
My school is so big that if they dont tell you yojr teachers first name you have to guess between 3 "griggs"