The Stolen Phone [Under quick editing]

The Stolen Phone [Under quick editing]

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In which Eva's phone was stolen by a mysterious and cocky guy and, unfortunately, he isn't planning to return the phone back any sooner.

     She texts him multiple times, but she has no idea what's awaiting her.

• The first 32 chapters are on texting mode •
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     ⚑Started: June/July 2016
     ⚑Ended: Unknown
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MelanyTheMelon MelanyTheMelon Jul 30, 2016
                              This is the first time I've read a texting novel, so I look forward to seeing how this will turn out! ☺
                              Anyway, this was nice and humorous. Even with its shortness, it managed to 
                              show her quite comedic, yet relatable frustration towards haven her phone stolen.
zoyelle zoyelle Jul 30, 2016
                              Salut!! I was quite excited to see your numbers in French.
                              This was quite hilarious. On to the next!!! :-)
seungkwhat seungkwhat Aug 02, 2016
Damn girl.
                              You know someone's mad when they call you mudblood
_PrettyBrownEyes_ _PrettyBrownEyes_ Aug 04, 2016
 #Serenity I wasn't expecting this tbh. The style you're doing your story. Its so different I love it! I love the hint of comedy omg XD
Zetroc143Ella Zetroc143Ella Jul 30, 2016
                              The conversation was ridiculously funny and I can feel the frustration there xD
janmwhite janmwhite Jul 31, 2016
                              Actually wasn't expecting the thief to text back you know lol. It made me smile, and I just KNOW something's there. Oooh, I can't wait. I can tell this is going to be interesting