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Ms MCD and PDH RPs {closed read description}

Ms MCD and PDH RPs {closed read description}

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SapphySaph By botgirl562 Completed

I have another Aphmau rp book on my profile that's open!

Name : Kayleigh Valcrum
                              Age : PDH-16 MCD/MS-21
                              Hair: Brown
                              Eyes: blue with two scars on her left eye
                              Crush : Garroth
                              Personality : sarcastic at times, brave,loyal, funny, childish
                              Appearance : pink tank top with black shorts and black sneakers 
                              Siblings : Laurence and Travis
Name: Coral Grace
                              Age: PDH: 15 MCD/MS: 21
                              Hair color: can I tag you? 
                              Eye color: can I tag you?
                              Crush: Vylad! 
                              Personality: kind, shy, hot-headed, blurts stuff out
                              Appearance: can I tag you?
                              Siblings: None 
                              Extra: can't swim
MeganTheWolfHybrid MeganTheWolfHybrid Nov 23, 2016
Name: Megan FalconClaw
                              Age: 23
                              Hair colour: blonde-brown
                              Eye colour: turquoise
                              Crush: Zane
                              Personality: active, playful, friendly, animal-lover
                              Appearance: tannish skin, white shirt, brown jacket, black shorts, long black boots
                              Siblings: Aaron
                              Extra: she's a wolfhybrid and allergic to cats and nuts
Smartpanda32 Smartpanda32 Oct 18, 2016
Name: Victoria Ro'meave  (nickname Tori)
                              Age: 20
                              Hair color: Brown 
                              Eye color: Light blue
                              Crush; Laurence
                              Personality: crazy, little sudical, broken, sassy, kind
                              Appearance: Light blue crop top, white high waist shorts, a white hoddie, and combat boots 
                              Siblings; Ro'meave brothers
MoonTeaKawaii MoonTeaKawaii Dec 26, 2016
(Check my Oc book but when you see Moon do the redo one and what does pm mean!)
httydfrozen2002 httydfrozen2002 Nov 23, 2016
                              Bright green
                              Tomboy, loud, protective, tough, confident 
                              White blouse, light skin, light skinny jeans with the knees cut out, brown hiking boots
                              She's a witch, she has a cat familiar named Lightning