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Dying Slowly

Dying Slowly

49.5K Reads 2.6K Votes 11 Part Story
Reese Kelly By Reese_Kelly Completed

Simplistic, logical, un-emotional, cold-hearted and unwanted, those words are used by everyone to describe Hella. Her looks are simplistic, her thoughts are logical, her words are cold-hearted, she lacks emotion and her being is unwanted, even by her parents. Hella has been the out-cast for as long as she can remember and everyone likes it that way. But now that he has her, he will show Hella that she isn't the only cold person out there. He is so icy that even the winter is not match for him, but as the frozen Hella begins to melt, she begins to wonder if there isn't more to this man, if he isn't the evil that he has potrays. Hella finds her answer, but it could mean the death of her, and those words are spoken quite literally.

Bloody-Rabbit Bloody-Rabbit Jul 02, 2016
See this is why it's a good thing that there are no vampires. Or else America would have gone bankrupt and we would have been ruled by vampires by now.
Bloody-Rabbit Bloody-Rabbit Jul 02, 2016
How could her parents not love her?! How could they be so heartless?! Oh, now I see where she gets her heartlessness from.
Maddiesully Maddiesully Jul 03, 2016
Wait I think that's impossible that he's the second richest person in the world America is 18.2 trillion dollars in debt and can u even buy a country? and if he's trillionaire how is there someone richer than him?
Continets Continets Jul 15, 2016
I have a feeling he's gonna get drunk by drinking her blood which is saturated with scotch.
Bloody-Rabbit Bloody-Rabbit Jul 02, 2016
Why did her parents hate her so much? I mean theres gotta be more of a reason than that. Unless she's a foster kid and they only wanted the money they send them then I would understand.
Bloody-Rabbit Bloody-Rabbit Jul 02, 2016
Property until her heart stops beating? Well if he ever does turn her into a vampire then that should be her escape route . . . . . This is a vampire book right?