She's Cuban » camila X you

She's Cuban » camila X you

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Unknown Number : hola , con quien estoy hablando?

Me : i don't speak Spanish , wrong numero 

Unknown Number : ¿ que ?

Me : no I don't speak Español ....

Unknown Number : un segundo

Me : damnit i should have listened to Mrs.Rodrigez in Spanish class..

» Spanish isn't an easy language to learn - especially for you when you get a wrong text message from a girl who lives in Central America... This book revolves around your last year of high school except a new face is brought to your attention and well this new face happens to be the girl who you've been texting for weeks - is it a coincidence? Or maybe even destiny getting your attention? But either way you have to find a way to save your reputation and make sure your walls don't break down for this Cuban girl. «

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ctrl_creole ctrl_creole Feb 14
cheese?! Ssjvshklfagj wow my brain is workin real hard to remember what I learned in Spanish honors
youngersoul youngersoul Aug 01, 2016
Cuba is in Central America, the countries of South America are Perú, Bolivia, Brasil, Argentina, Colombia and others
lowkeywifey lowkeywifey Aug 01, 2016
Sorry I totally got them mixed up while I was looking for a cover... My mistake — I did change it though.
lowkeywifey lowkeywifey Sep 07, 2016
You'll learn :)))) if you learn a few words tell you friends "I got t off a fanfiction. No a BEAST fanfic" they'll understand.