She's Cuban » camila X you

She's Cuban » camila X you

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Unknown Number : hola , con quien estoy hablando?

Me : i don't speak Spanish , wrong numero 

Unknown Number : ¿ que ?

Me : no I don't speak Español ....

Unknown Number : un segundo

Me : damnit i should have listened to Mrs.Rodrigez in Spanish class..

» Spanish isn't an easy language to learn - especially for you when you get a wrong text message from a girl who lives in Central America... This book revolves around your last year of high school except a new face is brought to your attention and well this new face happens to be the girl who you've been texting for weeks - is it a coincidence? Or maybe even destiny getting your attention? But either way you have to find a way to save your reputation and make sure your walls don't break down for this Cuban girl. «

I don't really understand Spanish... but isn't this 'cheese'?😂 what? Or did I get that wrong 😂😂😂
youngersoul youngersoul Aug 01
Cuba is in Central America, the countries of South America are Perú, Bolivia, Brasil, Argentina, Colombia and others
lowkeywifey lowkeywifey Aug 01
Sorry I totally got them mixed up while I was looking for a cover... My mistake — I did change it though.
lowkeywifey lowkeywifey Sep 07
You'll learn :)))) if you learn a few words tell you friends "I got t off a fanfiction. No a BEAST fanfic" they'll understand.