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define poetry

(this is old and & like really fucking lame and no this isn't me being humble I'm being a hundo percent legit. so why don't you unpublish it if you hate it so much, you ask? 
1. i love notifications
2. i love validation
3. sentimentality 
so uhh read at your own risk)

- - Mar 12
Now I feel embarrassed for living in this poor, irrelevant country, that's a laughing stock to the world called India. We have slums not skyscrapers....
- - Apr 18
My mom looks like she's tired of me. That's all my stupid immature brain can understand.
seasofme seasofme Apr 18
i despise it too, but dear lord, u make me love it as well. i know only too well how this love/hate thing for a city works. though that damn love wins mostly. this was a wonderful read. i enjoyed it more than i can explain. to u or me.
My mum looks like a forgotten dream. If you get what I mean, I don't know I'm probably not making any sense.
indiegoes indiegoes Oct 17, 2016
My mother looks like light dark skin and determination. Oops.
popovy popovy Jan 06
wow just wow, this is such a perfect representation of city life and it also reminds me of why I love the valleys.
                              i can't believe I was able to witness something so beautiful