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R.I.P. My Holtzmann Heart

R.I.P. My Holtzmann Heart

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Smitten Mckitten By haroldsliltummy Updated Jan 13

Hey I kinda have this big gay crush on Kate McKinnon (especially her as holtzmann) so yea these are just gonna be random short stories that pop in my head. They may or may not be all about Kate McKinnon/holtzmann. Haven't really decided.

warning : there will probably most definitely be smutty content in these stories so read at your own risk

Squishy-loves-u Squishy-loves-u Jul 20, 2016
Her name is Jillian Holtzmann in the movie. Erin called her Holtzy so you coulda used that (but I wouldn't recommend it bcos I ship those two really hard) but Jill woulda worked or something ig I dunno. I liked it tho lol
japhanlester japhanlester Aug 02, 2016
I was gonna say same but I remembered how short Kate McKinnon is compared to me
And I'm sat here my mid-late teens at 4'9 so like Kate's a giant compared to me but so are most people tbh.
KatesRepublicans KatesRepublicans Nov 02, 2016
I'm like 5'8 so pretty tall compared to my lil 5'4 baby Kate