Book 1 in the witches and wizards series
Erin Scmit was a squib. Her parents, and all six of her siblings all attended Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. But when she turned 11 on the 1st of July 1989 her Hogwarts letter didn't arrive.
That was when her family disowned her. 
Erin's whole world was turned upside down, she spent years running, she developed skills that she would never have thought were possible. She became just as strong, if not more so than her wizarding relatives, and that's what led to Lord Voldemort putting a price on her head, and to her meeting a boy with fiery red hair.

Any characters from the original HP series belong to JKR. Anyone else belongs to me.
My original characters are completely my own.
I found the cover art on Google images  but the edits belong to me.

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Aljhjskdhayagalsjdg! Michael looks just like I thought he would x,D
                              Still need another season of Merlin!