River's Hope

River's Hope

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(SEQUEL TO Alpha Adopted Me) 

When she said that I broke. I ran out and the other two followed. Collen slammed the door shut and stalked off Andrew's eyes we're dull and blank as he stumbles away. I broke down and collapsed to my hands and knees sobbing uncontrollably. She was literally broken and hid it so well until now. I roll on my back and stare up at the sky tears streaming from the corner of my eyes. 

When River is no longer who she used to be,  will she accept the help she gets offered or push it away?  What will await her in this book?  Who will help her?  Who is out to get her now? 

(Though, please read my other book first Alpha Adopted Me, it could explain things!) 

Made on:  Monday July,  18 2016

By who: Cheyenne Bowman

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Special thanks to toffeeisgoals For the amazing cover!

  • heartbreak
  • mates
  • pack
  • river
  • werewolf
apolla_strom76 apolla_strom76 Aug 18, 2017
And now I am cry! 😭😭😭😭 I thought she could shift she did in the last book how is it different!?!? Why does he suddenly hate her he adored her before, he said he loved her, he begged her to leave! Now he's basically told her I don't care anymore!!! What happened to the fae??
Lealea-Boo Lealea-Boo Jul 19, 2016
😭 that just wrong she only twelve and goin though so much river MAKE THEM PAY!!!
rosehunter62 rosehunter62 Jul 19, 2016
Poor river oh and what about her brothers what are they doing about it and plzz update soon ☺☺😂
rosehunter62 rosehunter62 Jul 19, 2016
Im with lealea-boo on that one and any way she shifted like all the time when she was younger so thats got to stand for some thing right
ChristinaGuerrero9 ChristinaGuerrero9 Sep 21, 2016
But she can shift into a fox.  Duh she even saved his ass a couple of times. Grrr I am confused.
ChibiAnimations ChibiAnimations Jul 18, 2016
PLEASE make them regret what they said!!river is a sweetheart!
                              How do you go from love to hate?!?Thats just plain wrong!!!
                              Make them pay!!!!
                              River is my BABEH!!!