The Viking and the Mermaid (Hiccup x Mermaid reader) **ON HOLD**

The Viking and the Mermaid (Hiccup x Mermaid reader) **ON HOLD**

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(Y/n)... Um just, (y/n). 

Cast out of her pod, weak, unprotected and scared swims away to her magic hiding place, the moonpool. 

The only place with magical potential on earth, that's why its so special to her. 

10 years later shes made it her home, shes carefree, adventurous and has a great sense of humour, as well as a pet dragon called bubbles, a sculdroun. 

But once humans were spotted on the island, shes been forced into hiding, that is until a mysterious boy stumbles upon her cave, and undergoes a change...


"You're freezing! Are you ok?"

I felt my cheeks heat up. 

"Y-yeah, just cold" I stammered. 

"I can fix that" he said. 

Hiccup jumped over the back of the sofa and sat beside me, leaning against the arm rest and pulling me toward him. 

He lay on the sofa, against the armrest with me between his legs, my head rested on his chest and his arms around me. 

I liked it, but felt kinda embarrassed at the sudden action, my cheeks were now red but I didn't care, I was with Hiccup and I was warm. 

Win win for me. 

He moved a hand up to my forehead. 

"You're ok, phew" 

He gently pushed my head into his chest and ran his fingers though my hair, making me shiver slightly at his touch. 

He moved his hand back around my body and looked down at me with a smile.


NewtsPangirl NewtsPangirl Jul 19, 2016
Omg I love this book so much already! Pls update! *puppy eyes*