The Mistake (Ereri and other smut/mpreg)

The Mistake (Ereri and other smut/mpreg)

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attack__on__yaoi By attack__on__yaoi Updated Oct 30

A night to remember... Finally the survey corps managed to reach the near by beach after finding out what's in the basement to Erens house! 

After a massive party and camping out on the summer sun drenched beach!! Levi made a mistake to let his drunken mind take one of his soldiers to bed.

Later finding out he's pregnant.

Will this allow the cold hearted man to open his heart and except Eren's love as they travel to the land of ice..

Or will everything end in disaster?

Warning: contains other ships such as: erumin/winmin and hanikasa (Erwin x arm in and mikasa x hanji)

I was just thinking of like when Levi and even have sex, Levi would bit evens neck or something to be all seductive or whatever and erens just like," wow, looks like Hanji lied. She said you wouldn't bite." And I think that would be awesome.
maddysol maddysol Aug 25
Yeah marco's dead ok everyone let's pretend marco didn't die
Amu-chan127 Amu-chan127 Jul 19
I love it! You even added them seeing the ocean too! But, poor Eren. All of this bringing up so many bad memories for him T-T.....
Oh I see so Marco magiclly rose from the dead because he's freckled Jesus
Amu-chan127 Amu-chan127 Jul 19
Yeah they finally got to see the ocean! And as for my suggestions:
                              Smut, Smut, And More Smut!!!! X3
*cries in happiness*OH FRECKLED JESUS, YOUR ALIVE!!!!! I'm actually crying rn.