Altitude {OPEN}

Altitude {OPEN}

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maggie By deliberates Updated 6 days ago

yes, this is a cover shop.
no, this is not a book about hay fever.

- some chapters have been deleted, because when I was trying to unpublish them, I deleted a whole chunk.

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cylinders cylinders Nov 26, 2016
title: dear ian,
                              author: poppy
                              theme: a girl writes letters to a boy. could you please incorporate the letter-writing in the cover?
                              colors: anything that fits
ubiquitously ubiquitously Nov 12, 2016
Got three requests but take as long as you need.
                              ●Late Night Ravings(random)
                              ●Hating Hats(ss)
                              Author -  K R I S T E N
                              Color scheme : monochromatic
                              Make them like how you made VISIBLE Clavicles if you can
slutjenner slutjenner Jan 13
Cover Type: Simple
                              Title: Daddy's Little Helper 
                              Author: slutjenner 
                              Theme: a girl with a big butt or a cute couple kissing or something (the girl is black and the boy is white)
                              Colors: Pastel(ish) or very girly 
                              Subtitle:"you have now reached that age, darling."
Sakura424 Sakura424 Jan 01
Type: Minimalistic 
                              Author: Sakura424 
                              Theme: light, has succulents 
                              Colors: White [for minimalistic]
                              Subtitle: heartbroken and friend zoned
intopayne intopayne Nov 13, 2016
oh hey maggie! c: 
                              title: Humdum 
                              author: calypso
                              theme: intense/deep
                              colors: anything other than B/W
                              on a sidenote, this is ziam fic, so it'd be really great if you could maybe use zayn malik's photo on it? c:
                              thankyou! <3
cylinders cylinders Nov 08, 2016
                              title: fragments
                              author: poppy
                              theme: idk, sad-ish
                              colors: black and white
                              could it maybe be in a collage form with photos of a girl?
                              thanks so much!