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Our Sparks || vyladlyn au || Book One [vyladlyn au trilogy] ✔ [COMPLETED]

Our Sparks || vyladlyn au || Book One [vyladlyn au trilogy] ✔ [COMPLETED]

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☆ vyladlyn trash! ☆ [inactive] By VinylLights Completed

-Ever since Vylad moved in with the ladies, his life's become more exciting; one of the reasons is that he's becoming greater and greater friends with each of them, especially Katelyn.
-They used to be acquaintances, were buddies, now the best of friends. But will they stay as friends, or will they feel something --- sparks, maybe?
 -Behind their backs, Kawaii~Chan and Aphmau started something. After some plotting, Kawaii~Chan decided to break the ice, by challenging Katelyn and Vylad.
 -Now, Katelyn has a task per day, and she has to do it with Vylad. Unluckily for them, these tasks aren't as normal as they seem; they're ridiculous, stupid, and flirtatious. 
  Characters Belong to:
    Wattpad- Empress_Aphmau
    YouTube- Aphmau or ChallengeAcceptedInc
  *Don and Cathy belong to me/@VinylLights
⚠ WARNING: a lot of shipping fuel. ⚠

I'm like Aph in this chap screaming my moms like ❓❔ and I'm like 😱
____Katelyn____ ____Katelyn____ Jul 30, 2016
i really want copies of all the pictures that Aph And Kc r taking