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The Vyladlyn Challenge || Vyladlyn AU Series - Book One

The Vyladlyn Challenge || Vyladlyn AU Series - Book One

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and pEGGY. By VinylLights Completed

- Vylad was just a simple male, living his life as anyone normally would, that is, until he moved into the ladies' home; turns out, that was just the splash of excitement his life needed.
- Along with a new home, comes new friends. With new friends, come new experiences. Vylad was making tons of new friends, one of them being Katelyn. The two grew close, but only as friends, and it never really grew past that.
- Garroth and Aphmau have taken a look into their relationship, and they're patiently waiting for the day Vylad and Katelyn finally get together. When impatience takes over, they thought, "hey, why not do it ourselves?"
- Yet, how can you make two people get together, when they only see each other as a friend?
- Through a challenge, obviously. 
- The trio consisting of Garroth, Aphmau, and Kawaii~Chan, after a lot of plotting and anticipation, finally came up with the perfect challenge, guaranteed to change friends into lovers. After a while, they decide to face the two about their challenge.
- Katelyn, being her determined self, accepted the challenge, which she had to do with Vylad. Vylad reluctantly agreed to the challenge. I mean, how bad can it be?
- The challenge consists of a task per day, that will last for an entire month. Unluckily for them, these tasks aren't as normal as they seem; they're embarrassing, flirtatious, and stupid. 

- I guess that's how bad it can be.
The characters rightfully belong to;
Jess, also known as Aphmau / @Empress_Aphmau / Aphmau on YT
*Courtney {formerly Cathy} and James {formerly Don} belong to me / @VinylLights
*The character change had to happen, since I never knew I would actually meet someone named Cathy on Wattpad.
*previously named "Our Sparks" and "Sparks"
*extreme editing started; April 15, 2017 {PHT}

I'm like Aph in this chap screaming my moms like ❓❔ and I'm like 😱
____Katelyn____ ____Katelyn____ Jul 30, 2016
i really want copies of all the pictures that Aph And Kc r taking
Fidgets101 Fidgets101 Mar 05
No, that sounds about right coz about ALL my belongings are orange and green (My BFF judges me) I'm wearing orange right now