Blame Me

Blame Me

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WriterWithin By writerwithin Updated Sep 05

What would you do after losing everyone you've cared and loved. That is exactly what has happened to Annabelle Casey. Her father died saving her, her mother is forbidden from ever seeing her after trying to kill her. Her ex-boyfriend she had finally given herself to cheated on her and her sister left her.

The only way she knows to cope is at the bottom of a alcoholic beverage. You name it she will drink it. She only strives for that numbness weather it from alcohol or drugs. She strives to feel it every day all her days repeat themselves like a viscous circle but what if one day something or someone stops that circle from going round. Someone has her new English teacher. After been moved into his class because of her behaviour Annabelle starts to change, her views on things start to change as this teacher starts to try and help her and care for her.

Mr Harrington is a straight forward teacher he sticks to the rules and only goes by the rules that is until he meets Annabelle. His mind can't figure out why he is suddenly drawn to this girl that he had never met. She is everything he is against, she does things he wouldn't want anyone he knew doing. This girl however is changing his life changing how he sees things. He finds himself breaking rules and taking risks and even revealing the secret he has tried to keep since working in her school. Could he even find himself falling in love with her? His student? A human? A girl that is more interested in alcohol? Can he help her? All he knows is that he is drawn to her and no matter how much he tries he can't stop being drawn to her.

This is no ordinary vampire student/teacher story. You will find yourself getting angry, jealous, upset and you may even cry with laughter or cry with sorrow. Get yourself set for one hell of an emotional roller-coaster.

SilverSeven SilverSeven Oct 22, 2016
I wouldn't want to be in Annabelle's shoes, no wonder she is so messed up. Trying to put on a brave front but being scared really. Can't wait to see where the story will take me.
bookworm103101 bookworm103101 Aug 20, 2014
I forgot he was a vampire so I'm pretty sure my eyes bugged out of my head for a second! 
writerwithin writerwithin Dec 17, 2012
@Inspira13 yes I have university to attend to though so that comes first.
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Apr 11, 2011
Is mr. Harrington's age a mistake? Cuz it says he is 224. Did u put I an extra 2 in there by mistake or is he really 224?? Wow that is old!!!
                              Great start by the way and the title fits, well at least as far as the first chapter goes. 
LyTashaRachelle LyTashaRachelle Jan 16, 2011
i really love this story. it seems real and well written. great work :)
ambersunset24 ambersunset24 Dec 22, 2010
this is great so far. i really like it :D upload soon please?
                              and i like the title too, it seems to fit pretty well. then again its only one chapter, but still, i like it :D xD