The badass Luna

The badass Luna

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THE QUEEN TRINY By batmanisbeast Completed

Skyler Johnson moved from New York to Austin Texas with her mom and dad. At her old school Skyler was a bad ass everyone was afraid of her. 

Jake white the badass and player at his school also alpha of his pack. He used to have a deferent girl every month.

What happens when he meets skyler.
And how will she take it when she's jakes mate. Will she reject him and his player ways or accept him.

(This book has dont been edited but will be soon.... Hopefully..... Hey I'm really lazy)

I'm kinda bad at descriptions.

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XxCKCxX XxCKCxX Jul 30
When I dye my hair it's gonna be that color or a silver-lavender color 🤗
You look at that then you look in the mirror 
XxCKCxX XxCKCxX Jul 30
This outfit expresses me and I love matching colors together with clothes I also love the dark red color 😍
mjane54 mjane54 Jun 07
Cause I give my address to strangers everyday, infact its a hobby of mine
Come on I hate Justin Bieber and has the same birthday as me I wish he would just die already
XxCKCxX XxCKCxX Jul 30
No offense but I don't like Justin Bieber that much sorry for all the fans out there lol 😂