My Love Has Come Along

My Love Has Come Along

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Grace Flores By grxce-flxres Completed

"No one wants to date the weird, quiet girl who works in the soap shop," Lauren states calmly, not upset by the words, but rather stating them as facts.

"You're more than that," Normani argues.

"You're right," Lauren agrees. "I'm also a witch hiding my powers from the public because I quite like not being burned at the stake."


Or: Lauren may be a witch, but Camila is the one who has her bewitched. Converted;not mine.

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poetic-cabello poetic-cabello Sep 04, 2017
Normally riiiiise :D tbh, I was expecting for Dinah but other flavors are good too 😋
poetic-cabello poetic-cabello Sep 04, 2017
Lmfao, I thought Ally is "the witch who knows everything" in the story
PumpkinArsenic PumpkinArsenic Oct 13, 2017
It always seems strange when allys shipped with someone it makes me feel awkward 😅 like I just c her as the super straight mother figure
poetic-cabello poetic-cabello Sep 04, 2017
This kind of AU is very rare for a Camren fanfic. i love it!
typicalcabello typicalcabello Feb 14, 2017
Camz aka Mila aka Camilk 2% aka CamEEla aka canola (jk love you mija) aka Camoola
Sadia-Nutella Sadia-Nutella Oct 13, 2016
Ami means mother in Urdu and Punjabi, maybe in some other languages too. I call my mother Ami